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Angelina Honey Bee

I would love to introduce to you a brand new Children’s book series created by LaTonea. The series features Angelina Honey Bee, a multi-colored bumblebee who assists children in learning to deal with negative feelings, disabilities, and emotions. Angelina Honey Bee shows each child the characteristics which make them special. Be a part of the Angelina Honey Bee and friends phenomenon today.


angelina Honey Bee

Learning how to deal with negative feelings and emotions is a big part of life.  But, how do we manage these feelings everyday in life.  Angelina Honey Bee book series teaches kids with disabilities and other kids that there is something special about them.  Angelina teaches you how to develop skills that you have to accomplish anything you want.

About the author


LaTonia Washington (LaTonea) Author of Angelina Honey Bee Book Series


I created this story to help children with every day issues of bullying, feeling left out, and dealing with self-stem issues.  Growing up this was an issue for me that carried over into my adult hood.  I set to make a change that kids can have a place to go to learn how to deal with there feelings and negative emotions.

Angelina Honey Bee & friends

We are here to show you what happiness can be if you apply yourself.


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